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Fertility and Depression

“My experience with Dr. Chambers has been life changing. From the first phone consultation I knew that she was dedicated to helping me with issues such as endometriosis, infertility and depression. During my first visit a clear plan was put together and I knew I was on my way to better overall health and perhaps even pregnancy! The changes I experienced were in a word, dramatic. I felt great, looked great, and for the very first time I actually felt like I was in control of my own health and future well-being. A feeling I certainly never had while under the care of any other doctor. Dr. Chambers was always available for an office visit, phone call or even an occasional email. It was great to have such easy access to an amazing resource! I have encouraged several friends and family members to visit with Dr. Chambers and they have all experienced the same level of care. She is a great listener, her approach is simple and smart and she practices what she preaches! I am reminded every day of the impact she made on my life as I anxiously await the arrival of twins!”

– N.S. (Mandeville)

Weight Loss

I came to Dr. Chambers knowing that there had to be something seriously wrong with my metabolism. I’d been on diet pills and following diets for years all with no success. She ordered a series of lab tests which showed I did in fact have very high cortisol and my thyroid was not functioning properly. Going through menopause early, I also knew that I didn’t have two hormones to slap together to create a spark. After 15 years of searching I was getting no where with conventional doctors. I know that they must have figured I was lying about what I ate. Dr. Chambers was the first to actually listen and take note of my symptoms. She did not rush me out the door with a prescription, but instead offered first to find out what wasn’t working in my body. After evaluating me she decided what I may respond best to and placed me on a protocol. When I thought about it though, I knew I was heading towards diabetes if I didn’t do something. Dr. Chambers placed me on a weight loss protocol which reset my hypothalamus as well as curbed my hunger. I took the plunge and began my protocol. I never had serious hunger, was able to keep my hypoglycemia in check, and drum roll please… lost 20 lbs in that 40 days! After this the next step is to stabilize this release of fat (most diets skip this very important step) and then I head into maintenance. This break from my regular diet allowed me to separate from my old habits and see habits that I don’t need to return to with this new body. I am 5 inches smaller in my waist and 5 inches smaller in my hips and feel like I did 20 years ago. The magic about this protocol is that now my hypothalamus is reset and my metabolism has a new set point as well. I cannot thank Dr. Chambers enough for her genuine caring nature and knowledge. I truly feel like we have created a team effort for long term optimal health that I only dreamed of before this.