Hydrastis Canadensis – Goldenseal

Hydrastis Canadensis – Goldenseal

Fun Fact:
Hydrastis is known as an old American Indian medicine plant and has been in use since the 1800’s. In the south, Hydrastis is often referred to as Yaller Root.

Hydrastis acts as a bitter, anti microbial, laxative, anti-inflammatory and emmenagogue (stimulates blood flow to the pelvic region).  The active constituents of Hydrastis include alkaloids, berberines, and volatile oils.

In the 1800’s Goldenseal was mostly used as a general tonic. It was known to cure sores and known to be a tonic to the mucous membranes and digestive tract. It is a bitter tonic that can stimulate the digestive tract to greater activity, promoting tissue feeding and rebuilding while strengthening the heart and nervous system. Hydrastis is a very energetic herb and can be used for any sub acute or chronic condition of the mucous membranes, including the stomach, intestines, bladder, urethra, uterus, bronchi or conjunctiva.

– Powdered Hydrastis is often used sprinkled over wounds to speed healing.

– Hydrastis is also useful for sinus disorders and is often used in chronic sinusitis.

– Berberine is one of the active constituents of Goldenseal and is a strong anti microbial.

– Applied externally it can help with eczema, ringworm, itching, earache, and conjunctivitis.

Goldenseal is commonly dosed in tincture form. Dosed at a few drops up to 1 ml three times per day.

Contraindicated for those with high blood pressure. Prolonged use of goldenseal may decrease vitamin B absorption.

Not recommended for use during pregnancy or lactation.

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